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Nexus Translation Services Ltd. provides quality translation services at competitive prices on a global scale. We specialize in catering to the Japanese and English (Japanese↔English) translation needs of high profile organizations around the world. By utilizing the experience and connections we have made in the Japanese↔English translation industry, we have assembled some of the most experienced, professional translators and proofreaders in a number of time zones to meet the specific needs of each individual project. We value one-to-one client relationships and are familiar with the time constraints of the corporate world. Our services include expert legal, financial, business and technical translation services as well as English and Japanese proofreading services. 






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Why do you need a professional translation service? 

Today's society is truly a global one. Companies and individuals from all over the world are involved with each other on a day-to-day basis, in personal, legal, and commercial capacities. It is increasingly important to be able to operate confidently and accurately in a multilingual marketplace. Professional translators are trained to ensure that the translated text adheres to local grammar, syntax, and punctuation in a way which casual speakers of the language, or translation software, cannot. 


Why choose us?

We build one-to-one relationships with all of our clients to identify your individual needs and assemble the right team of people to get the job done. Nexus Translation Services will cater to all your translation needs, with a combination of prompt response times, reasonable pricing, and simple yet effective procedures.